Codex Infinitum – Art Development

I just wanted to put this page together to show you the development stages of the artwork for Codex Infinitum.


This was one of the first sketches by Anne Stokes. We knew that we would have the book itself as the central premise, and we wanted to have a classic D&D theme. So this is why we ended up with a party (a strange one I admit) finding the book, and reading its contents.


This is the second drawing, which is pretty close to the final art. Here you will see that we decided to remove the female demon, as I wanted it to be even more classic D&D so I threw in a Dwarf. I knew the book was going to be on a pedastal, and so the Dwarf would not be able to reach it, so I thought it would be good to put him on a crate. Anne did an amazing job at interpreting my ideas.


The final artwork. Once the color is added it brings the whole scene to life. One of the many things that Anne does so well is use light, and here she has just created an amazing atmosphere.

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