Eberron open call Submissions

WotC Open Call Submissions

Below is a list of short stories which were originally submitted to Wizards of the Coast, as part of the Eberron open call, where they were searching for an author to write a novel in the War Torn series. All of the stories are property of the individual author, and may not be used anywhere without their permission.

INTO THE VOID – Ryan Daly (rdaly)

SINS OF BLOOD – Elvis Podvorac (Creepy Bastard)

HOMELESS – David Blaine (Alac Luin)

SHARNS EDGE – Kevin Liss (The Hammer)

IN THE MAP ROOM – R. Scott Kimsey (Fenris)

THE ROTTEN HEART – Frédéric Raymond (Nosfredatu)

UNTITLED – Rob Slater

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