Top 5 Keylogger Software 2017

A keylogger is one of the most useful software to track down and record everything coming from a keyboard. It does not matter how the computer is being used; a keylogger allows you record every single keystroke without being detected.

It is often used for monitoring children, employees and even cheaters in relationships. There are ethic and non-ethics ways to use these useful tools, but if you are looking for top 5 keylogger on 2017, you’re in a good place:

1. Keylogger Free

When we are looking for the best option out there, one of the most important things is the price tag. It becomes better when it is free and Keylogger Free has all kind of features under its belt without paying a penny.

An efficient and impossible-to-spot hidden mode brings lots of possibility to the table. However, where this software stands out is in its accuracy to record and log all kind of keystrokes, along with its remote control.

All those cutting-edge specs come down with a total free use (which is why we put this reliable software in the number 1 spot)

2. REFOG Free Keylogger

Another free-to-use competitor that is close in terms of quality and results to Free Keylogger. REFOG Free Keylogger has been one of the most popular option to log and record every single keystroke.

However, this is not entirely free software. It has some kind of basic version available for free, but lacking so many useful and important features that our number 1 has.

To put into perspective, this free version is only capable of monitoring and logging keystrokes, visited websites, clipboard, and running programs. In addition, REFOG keylogger is not entirely invisible and it can be seen in the in task manager.

3. Actual Keylogger

Some people say that the best comes from money, but the Free Keylogger Software is the opposite proof.

While Actual Keylogger was once a reliable and popular free keylogger software, it has changed its politics by offering the same product but with a high cost.

However, you can still find the oldest versions, which are still free. It comes with limitations and it can only capture keystrokes and allows you to access the program with two methods.

Nevertheless, this is easily one of the best free keylogger software thanks to its incredible stealth features. Do you want to be totally invisible? Then this is your best bet.

4. G3 iSam

G3 iSam is a free keylogger software that stands out the competence due to its platform plagued with tons of features such as capturing any keystrokes and taking screenshots at the same time. It is completely automatic, with an automated system that emails every log file and keyword marking during the monitoring and all kind of actions.

It’s a little bit complex, definitely not a user-friendly interface and will take a little bit to get familiar with it. However, this is not the best free keylogger software because it cannot get stealth completely (it can be seen in the task manager)

5. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix actually has two version; paid and free, but this time we’re going to focus on the free version just for the budget sake. This Free Keylogger software is popular because it’s easy to use and effective by packaging just the right amount of features.

It’s really good at capturing keystrokes, clipboard and providing screenshots of the actions. In addition, it’s also packaged with tons of advanced features such as social network and IM capture, visited websites, alerts and more.

However, this is not the best free keylogger software when it comes to stealth feature. It can be visualized from the task manager and the program’s folder is evidently visible.

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